About Us

Guaranteed jobs, is focused on building long standing relationships with candidates and clients to make any outlay feel like the investment that it is.
“Any investment in yourself will yield a return, maybe not today or tomorrow but one day you’ll be glad you spent the money to improve your opportunites.”

We’re aiming to find you a career not just a job. We are a humanised business, treating each candidate respectfully and giving them our full attention.

When you are a job hunter, you feel like a number. Invisible, unable to get noticed by employers. But if you realised how it feels to be a recruiter, you’d see that they often feel the same too.
We can have the best job on the planet to fill a vacancy for, but get little interest if it is marketed badly or pitched from the wrong angle. Job seekers miss it, skim past it or just plain ignore it.

These two parties, outstanding candidates and great jobs, should magnatize to each other, but this just isn’t happening. We have the tools to put the two together and create solutions to common recruitment problems.

We’ll be with you every step of the way and you will always deal with the same person. Our business is all about relationships. Building strong, long term relationships that will always be around, to support corporate and personal growth.