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CV assistance
Each candidate will receive a free CV editing service. If you are a school leaver, and only have a short one, or dont have one at all, we can create one for you. The level of attention varies greatly from candidate to candidate, and each will receive a tailored service that meets your needs.
We can offer templates, offer advice on existing content, formatting tools, or a complete re-write.
We may need to create multiple versions, if you are interested in more than one type of role, sector.

Cover letter support
These are the opportunity to paint a picture with words. The CV is a factual list of achievements and skills. The cover letter, while needing to be kept succint, should convey who you are and why you are suited to the role and company applying to. Grab their attention. Our consultants can assist and advise.
Some candidates aren’t even bothering to send one at all… so you’ll already be 10 steps ahead!

Dedicated employment consultants
Guarenteed Jobs has recruited some highly talented employment professionals. They are experienced and will be specialists in particular sectors. They will deliver a full, end to end service to candidates. And act professionaly in place of the recruiting business. Not to mention they are part of an elite network. They have each other, and will often work as a team. So although you will be assigned one in particular, you will really be being served by the whole team, who are often collectively working on a role or candidate.
We want you to have a relationship that nurtures you, and leave us feeling that you were helped with every aspect of your candidate process. Including interview prep, company research, and wishing you good luck before you step through the door.

You will always receive prompt contact, all decisions will be communicated and explained fully. With feedback given when requested.

Costs and Value for candidates
Candidates there is no initial fee. No registration costs. You only pay £X (%of annual salary) if we successfully secure you a role.
That fee will cover:
CV writing service
Cover letter Creation
Application Form Filling
Interview prep & advice
Dedicated employment consultant
Access to unlimited on-line advice and support

We are determined that you will be as well equipped as possible for today’s job market. It is tough out there. Get a significant advatadge. Get a “Guarenteed job” !

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