Entry Level Job Seekers – Getting in on the Ground Floor

If you are one of the many, like myself, that decided university wasn’t for you, then you might be considering your options.

Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly valuable and recognised. They are able to offer genuine career pathways to non-graduates. So if you have a real drive and passion to break into a sector, then go for it.


An apprenticeship could be the right choice.

There are many employers though, that aren’t quite on-board with the level of input they will be required to make. Some just aren’t prepared to put the time into their apprentices and squander the opportunity for both parties.

Rules and guidelines are tightening all the time around apprenticeships. Money was thrown at them by the government (as buzzwords can win elections if you say them loud enough.)

But it’s time for businesses to recognise and capitalise on this massive potential supply line of talent.

After all, there will never not be school leavers. If you are one, research the employers that are retaining and promoting their apprentices. They will be the employers who get it. The others will catch up, eventually.

There are always entry level roles available, they are in limited supply. But go after any that appeal. Never be put off if you see that 100 other people applied. “You’ve got to be in it to win it.”

Try to be flexible. If you are set on one job, and one path and won’t consider anything else, then maybe try to look left and right sometimes. There are so many great career paths to chose from. If you are young, you have loads of time to try things out. Go on work experience, make contacts in new sectors, follow people (on social media) that have jobs you would aspire to. Dreams don’t usually fit in boxes. Expand your mind, and expand your search options. Casting a wide net has got to yield larger results.

Casting a net on #AmericasBestBeaches.

By getting out there, you can gain excellent experience. Receive valid qualifications and make useful contacts for the future.

Going after what you want is the only way to succeed. Never wait for anything you want to come to you. Being proactive is a highly desirable trait that employers seek. Look at your innate talents and skills, realise your potential.

You have many options, the Prince’s Trust is worth considering if you are 18-24 and not in full time education or work.

If you would like to discuss your career aspirations talk to us www.guaranteedjobs.co

Guaranteed Jobs – The Answer for Job Seekers

It’s not rocket science. Candidates have been secondary considerations in the recruitment sector for too long. Because they are not the customers. The clients with the vacancies are.

So we’ve turned this on its head. And it’s going to work better for everyone!


You, the candidates, will be charged a fee. But ONLY if we successfully find the right job for you. “Guaranteed jobs” is prepared to put its money where its mouth is. (http://guaranteedjobs.co/cost-and-value/)

At first, like you maybe, we were thinking how are we going to get the candidates to see “paying” as a good thing. Especially when everywhere else they can job hunt for free.

1.Scouring job boards is time consuming. Hitting “Apply” over and over soon makes job hunting seem futile. You complete hour long application processes and hear nothing back. Most days, you’ll check your inbox and still no responses or interviews are achieved.

Get matched to a Guaranteed consultant and they will hunt for you. Use your time elsewhere.

  1. Most agencies, that appear on job boards, already have a pool of candidates registered with them. You’re not at the top of their list.

Your Guaranteed consultant will make you their priority. They work with a limited number of candidates at any one time. So they will ensure you are promoted at every available opportunity.

  1. You may have posted your CV on various recruitment websites, letting the employers out there know you are available. It is usually ineffective, because no-one is driving it or selling you.

Each new candidate is featured on our Homepage*. We promote your top skills and talents, and introduce you to the clients that visit the website.

  1. Recruitment agencies are not focused on you. They are focused on the paying clients. Its basic business sense. Meaning you can end up feeling like a disposable commodity after passing through their “service.”

Guaranteed jobs are proud to be different. We will be shouting about how we ARE focused on you. We aim to make each candidate feel important and you will always have our attention.

  1. Benefits that improve your chances of securing a great position are available to all job seekers. By understanding what clients need, we can make sure you present the best version of yourself, to meet those needs.

All part of the service: Career advice / CV tailoring / editing / writing. CV verification / Reference checks. You are unique and authentic. We want to polish you up and promote you as professionally as possible.

  1. As we are not charging the clients to place vacancies with us, we will attract businesses to us for this simple reason. It’s a no-brainer.

With an extensive range of vacancies and employers to choose from, we are able to offer you a range of options. Choices that are right for you and meet your needs.

  1. We will never ask you for any additional fees. There are no hidden costs. You get what you pay for.

We’ve all been a job-hunter at some stage, all of us. We know how it feels. The frustration can be immense. The agencies I came into contact with actually broke my confidence down gradually over time. Making me finally feel invisible and worthless.


(I must remember to write them all thank you notes actually. Because now I’m glad I didn’t get any of those jobs!)

There are agencies though that do a fantastic job for their candidates, and we salute them. I’ve just never personally come across one. So there must be an imbalance in the sector. We thought there needed to be more of the “good guys” out there. Pushing talent up, and reminding some of you that ARE ‘bloomin’ marvelous is why we were invented!

rsz_3cSuccess is doing one small thing everyday that gets you one step closer to where you want to be. Contacting us might seem like a small step, but it could be the biggest and the best step you ever take!

Get in touch today, we’d love to hear more about YOU.

(Also your feedback is always welcome, so please let us know your thoughts.)

Go to www.guaranteedjobs.co to find a role that suits you.

Guaranteed Jobs – Who are we?

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” States the old adage.

According to the “Bullhorn” UK recruitment trends study 2015 it appears agencies are still not ready to put the candidate experience at the forefront of their agenda’s.
“Large agencies seem relatively indifferent to managing the candidate experience in the coming year, with only 50% expecting candidate experience to increase in importance.”

A shift in favor of the candidate is overdue. So here we are. Saying loud and proud, “we are the candidates champion!”

By building an online community of talented and motivated candidates, we can keep the clients engaged as a naturally occurring byproduct.
Our candidates will be highly polished, and encompass what top talent is all about. Our recruitment team will be the rock stars of their sectors. They are experienced, knowledgeable, and great relationship builders.

group hug

At Guaranteed, we can and we do! It’s this firm positivity that brings the clients with vacancies to us. While drawing candidates too.

There is a large percentage of the working-age population that is inert. With so many conflicting challenges in our lives now, the world of work needs to become more flexible, and more giving.
There are so many reasons why people are not in jobs they love. Perhaps other priorities have surfaced, and they’ve neglected their own ambitions. Or they have taken a break from the world of work and can’t find a way back in.
And don’t even get us started on the people who do nothing but complain about their job or workplace, but take no steps to change their situation. Guaranteed jobs could be the start of real change to the way you live your life. Work impacts so many other aspects of our lives, that it’s important to get it right. Right now!

“Guaranteed jobs is where your search starts….. and ends”

Come Find Out More …

Bounce back from Rejection

Been on an interview, didn’t get it? Even though you might have done everything right, technically. But it just didn’t translate on the day?

Now you might be left feeling disheartened and frustrated. You have my sympathy, and that of all the other job hunters.

Best suggestion, call and ask for feedback. A good employer will gladly offer constructive pointers. Highlight any gaps in requirements they were prioritising, or what intangibles were missing. You should then realise it was purely a difference in experience or skills, as is often the case.

As a recruiter, when candidates have similar strengths, one is chosen over the over due to the details that one offered but the other didn’t. For example, one asked lots of questions and had a genuinely conveyed interest in the company. One might have done great research which allowed them to talk confidently about the company history. Confidence is key. If you don’t sound like you believe what you are saying, then you are doing yourself a great disservice.

If they are not responsive to the request for feedback, don’t dwell on it too long. Just long enough to objectively critique your own performance.

If you were hideously late, or couldn’t perform a skills test very well, then at least you might be able to surmise the reasons.

But if you did a great interview, answered questions thoroughly, discussed all your strengths and gave strong examples of your relevant experience. Then feel proud of yourself. Sounds like you did all you could do.

Having been on at least a hundred interviews myself (purely for research purposes obviously) I can usually tell when I’ve fluffed an answer, made a bad impression. So in most cases I can guess why I was popped in the “No” pile.

Then there are those interviews where you feel like it went well. You manage to build a rapport with the interviewer, answered the questions like a jedi-master but you still didn’t get the gig..?

Those days, you really need a bit of introspection. Ask yourself, “what could I have done better?”

Process the defeat, then move on.

Never assume, they just didn’t like you, or it was anything personal. One, because usually it isn’t. And two, it cheats you out of having to ask yourself difficult and searching questions.

Some inexperienced managers, may be swayed by “the liking effect” or “halo and horns” tendency. But that will never be something you can control, so don’t concern yourself with it.

After you’ve gained some level of usable data that will benefit you next time, then build on the positives. Go back to base and reassess your CV, look at your skills, remember your achievements, look at how you pitch and sell them in interview.

Keep refining, that is the key message.

This reflective mood may even lead you to reassess your whole plan. Look at alternative directions, new paths and options. Now is a great time to really think about what makes you happy, and what dreams are still waiting to be pursued.

Stay focused, don’t get lost in the indecision, just be open to suggestion. Consider all offers and leads if they appeal.

You’ve only failed, if you’ve not reflected or learned anything from a knock-back.

And should you really be perceiving that as a defeat? There’s that old chestnut that it obviously “just wasn’t meant to be.” Often, we all hope something bigger and better will come along, and make us glad we didn’t get that job after all.

It might be that you didn’t get the job you went for, but a few months later they call you for an alternative role that they think you’d be perfect for.

These miracles do happen! Really! So roll with the punches, learn and evolve.

Aim to get paid for doing something you love. Look for that, and don’t stop chasing it.

Get the team at Guaranteed jobs to support you!