Entry Level Job Seekers – Getting in on the Ground Floor

If you are one of the many, like myself, that decided university wasn’t for you, then you might be considering your options.

Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly valuable and recognised. They are able to offer genuine career pathways to non-graduates. So if you have a real drive and passion to break into a sector, then go for it.


An apprenticeship could be the right choice.

There are many employers though, that aren’t quite on-board with the level of input they will be required to make. Some just aren’t prepared to put the time into their apprentices and squander the opportunity for both parties.

Rules and guidelines are tightening all the time around apprenticeships. Money was thrown at them by the government (as buzzwords can win elections if you say them loud enough.)

But it’s time for businesses to recognise and capitalise on this massive potential supply line of talent.

After all, there will never not be school leavers. If you are one, research the employers that are retaining and promoting their apprentices. They will be the employers who get it. The others will catch up, eventually.

There are always entry level roles available, they are in limited supply. But go after any that appeal. Never be put off if you see that 100 other people applied. “You’ve got to be in it to win it.”

Try to be flexible. If you are set on one job, and one path and won’t consider anything else, then maybe try to look left and right sometimes. There are so many great career paths to chose from. If you are young, you have loads of time to try things out. Go on work experience, make contacts in new sectors, follow people (on social media) that have jobs you would aspire to. Dreams don’t usually fit in boxes. Expand your mind, and expand your search options. Casting a wide net has got to yield larger results.

Casting a net on #AmericasBestBeaches.

By getting out there, you can gain excellent experience. Receive valid qualifications and make useful contacts for the future.

Going after what you want is the only way to succeed. Never wait for anything you want to come to you. Being proactive is a highly desirable trait that employers seek. Look at your innate talents and skills, realise your potential.

You have many options, the Prince’s Trust is worth considering if you are 18-24 and not in full time education or work.

If you would like to discuss your career aspirations talk to us www.guaranteedjobs.co