Why are you charging the candidate a fee?

Everything we do is focused around bringing benefits to the candidate population. The value you can get from using our service will offset any cost you pay, only once you have secured a role. That is the Guarantee, we will aim to get you a job that’s right for you. Or we don’t get paid! By not charging the client, we are making this site as attractive as possible to nationwide businesses. Therefore increasing the vacancies you have to choose from.

The amount of work a job-seeker has to do, to find their next role can be long and arduous. We are the start and end of your search. It’s the smartest way to find your next role.

How do I register?

Follow link, answer the required field questions. You will then receive regular communication and news from us.

What documentation do I need to produce to prove my Right to Work in the UK?

For Temporary and Contract Work

A copy of your current CV. If you don’t have a CV, don’t worry.

New Candidate Registration

How much will this agency charge me, as a candidate?

There is no initial fee. None. You can access all our services for free. But if we secure you a role, we will take a % of your annual salary. So use all our resources to get the greatest value from the outlay.

How do I regsiter a vacancy?

Click on the “Register now” and set yourself up as either a recruiter or candidate. You can then enter all the details of your vacancy and the most relevant consultant will contact you shortly thereafter, to discuss the vacancy on further detail. This call is not compulsory, and if you dont have the time, we will proceed on minimal information. But we highly recommend you do take us up on the phone consultation, as this allows us to drill down with candidate specific criteria to work from. Meaning a higher quality of candidates delivered to you.

Do you offer a full end to end recruitment process?

Our remit is to find you solid, relevant candidates for you to interview. But we will have got to know our candidates, be aware of their capabilities, and experience. So this is almost a first stage interview in many cases. By the time we send their details to you as an employer, we already know they are strong possibilities for you to consider and question on role specific qualities.

What happens to my CV after I send it in?

We will share your CV with relevant employers. That are genuinely seeking someone with your skills. We take Data Protection very seriously, and will never share your information with any third parties.

How do I unsubscribe from your service?

Once registered we will work hard on your behalf and aim to keep you well informed via email or calls (as instructed).

But should you wish to be removed from our contact lists please send your request to: unsubscribe@guaranteed.jobs.com