Guaranteed Jobs – The Answer for Job Seekers

It’s not rocket science. Candidates have been secondary considerations in the recruitment sector for too long. Because they are not the customers. The clients with the vacancies are.

So we’ve turned this on its head. And it’s going to work better for everyone!


You, the candidates, will be charged a fee. But ONLY if we successfully find the right job for you. “Guaranteed jobs” is prepared to put its money where its mouth is. (

At first, like you maybe, we were thinking how are we going to get the candidates to see “paying” as a good thing. Especially when everywhere else they can job hunt for free.

1.Scouring job boards is time consuming. Hitting “Apply” over and over soon makes job hunting seem futile. You complete hour long application processes and hear nothing back. Most days, you’ll check your inbox and still no responses or interviews are achieved.

Get matched to a Guaranteed consultant and they will hunt for you. Use your time elsewhere.

  1. Most agencies, that appear on job boards, already have a pool of candidates registered with them. You’re not at the top of their list.

Your Guaranteed consultant will make you their priority. They work with a limited number of candidates at any one time. So they will ensure you are promoted at every available opportunity.

  1. You may have posted your CV on various recruitment websites, letting the employers out there know you are available. It is usually ineffective, because no-one is driving it or selling you.

Each new candidate is featured on our Homepage*. We promote your top skills and talents, and introduce you to the clients that visit the website.

  1. Recruitment agencies are not focused on you. They are focused on the paying clients. Its basic business sense. Meaning you can end up feeling like a disposable commodity after passing through their “service.”

Guaranteed jobs are proud to be different. We will be shouting about how we ARE focused on you. We aim to make each candidate feel important and you will always have our attention.

  1. Benefits that improve your chances of securing a great position are available to all job seekers. By understanding what clients need, we can make sure you present the best version of yourself, to meet those needs.

All part of the service: Career advice / CV tailoring / editing / writing. CV verification / Reference checks. You are unique and authentic. We want to polish you up and promote you as professionally as possible.

  1. As we are not charging the clients to place vacancies with us, we will attract businesses to us for this simple reason. It’s a no-brainer.

With an extensive range of vacancies and employers to choose from, we are able to offer you a range of options. Choices that are right for you and meet your needs.

  1. We will never ask you for any additional fees. There are no hidden costs. You get what you pay for.

We’ve all been a job-hunter at some stage, all of us. We know how it feels. The frustration can be immense. The agencies I came into contact with actually broke my confidence down gradually over time. Making me finally feel invisible and worthless.


(I must remember to write them all thank you notes actually. Because now I’m glad I didn’t get any of those jobs!)

There are agencies though that do a fantastic job for their candidates, and we salute them. I’ve just never personally come across one. So there must be an imbalance in the sector. We thought there needed to be more of the “good guys” out there. Pushing talent up, and reminding some of you that ARE ‘bloomin’ marvelous is why we were invented!

rsz_3cSuccess is doing one small thing everyday that gets you one step closer to where you want to be. Contacting us might seem like a small step, but it could be the biggest and the best step you ever take!

Get in touch today, we’d love to hear more about YOU.

(Also your feedback is always welcome, so please let us know your thoughts.)

Go to to find a role that suits you.

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