Guaranteed Jobs – Who are we?

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” States the old adage.

According to the “Bullhorn” UK recruitment trends study 2015 it appears agencies are still not ready to put the candidate experience at the forefront of their agenda’s.
“Large agencies seem relatively indifferent to managing the candidate experience in the coming year, with only 50% expecting candidate experience to increase in importance.”

A shift in favor of the candidate is overdue. So here we are. Saying loud and proud, “we are the candidates champion!”

By building an online community of talented and motivated candidates, we can keep the clients engaged as a naturally occurring byproduct.
Our candidates will be highly polished, and encompass what top talent is all about. Our recruitment team will be the rock stars of their sectors. They are experienced, knowledgeable, and great relationship builders.

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At Guaranteed, we can and we do! It’s this firm positivity that brings the clients with vacancies to us. While drawing candidates too.

There is a large percentage of the working-age population that is inert. With so many conflicting challenges in our lives now, the world of work needs to become more flexible, and more giving.
There are so many reasons why people are not in jobs they love. Perhaps other priorities have surfaced, and they’ve neglected their own ambitions. Or they have taken a break from the world of work and can’t find a way back in.
And don’t even get us started on the people who do nothing but complain about their job or workplace, but take no steps to change their situation. Guaranteed jobs could be the start of real change to the way you live your life. Work impacts so many other aspects of our lives, that it’s important to get it right. Right now!

“Guaranteed jobs is where your search starts….. and ends”

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