We are Different

So many aspects of our process make us different. We researched the recruitment market and found the industry has a few areas to improve upon. Recruiters are frustrated by the lack of quality candidates. But they have based this opinion on a CV, and the archaic methods applied to them, which are usually highly subjective and viewed with a dismissive intent from the get-go.

Candidate are in no-man’s-land sometimes for weeks, months and beyond, with their self-confidence diminishing by the day. Guaranteed jobs will be making the candidate the priority.

Recruitment the Guaranteed way is a fresh approach. Quality not quantity is our key message.


  • We will find each candidate a job, that they are suited to. Not that suits us.
  • We will support candidates by providing expert CV advice, assist with composing covering letters, and be with candidates through each stage of the interview process. Offering support as and when required. And we will be there next time they are seeking to progress.
  • We will treat every stakeholder with respect, and they will receive an attentive service from our consultants.
  • We will reply to all communications within 24 hours. You are important to us, and we will endeavour to ensure you feel treated that way.


  • To treat each candidate like the “Star” they are! We are aiming to secure each candidate a job. That is the minimum you can expect from any agency. But we are going to do so much more than that.
  • We will aim to bolster your confidence, not erode it. We will ensure your experience of our service is one you would recommend to your own contacts, and we certainly hope that you do.
  • We aim to elevate each candidate above the crowd, by ensuring they present themselves in the best possible light.
  • We always look for the positive. Each CV and each person has a something fantastic which makes them attractive to employers. Many candidates don’t know when to shout about an achievement and when to hint at, or when to leave it out if its not applicable to that role. It’s all about tailoring the CV to the role.
  • Providing expert and experienced advice. You can rely on our team to only offer you advice that will help you, that is relevant and valuable.
  • Prioritising the candidate, and making them the best versions of themselves, clients seeking candidates can be assured they will receive high quality candidates. That are focused and motivated to be part of that team.


  • Firstly, we believe the whole recruitment industry can do better.
  • The “30 second test” for a CV only shows how “tired” the industry has become of standards Cvs. They have such high     expectations and standards when viewing a CV that it now has to be     attention grabbing and professionally constructed to even stand a chance.
  • Innovation, we are a big fan of it! If you can think of a better way to grab an     employers attention we would love to hear about it!

For example:

The candidate that sent his CV in a box, with a shoe in it…to get his foot in the door!

The candidate that was a salesman, so posted himself for sale on Ebay. Went viral on social media.

The candidate that sent a CV wrapped around a chocolate bar..(Who doesn’t like chocolate? So smart!)

This is creativity, and even though these examples may not get them the interview, the selecting manager will remember them, and that’s half the battle. Standing out and being unique. Couldn’t doubt they were motivated could you?

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